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Problem Description:

This problem is caused by moving your User folders ( Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Saved Games, Music, Pictures, etc )
More specifically when you move them to a Drive that is then disconnected.

This will cause problems when attempting to isntall any programs that use these folders.

Possible Errors

  • Error 1327.invalid drive:E\
  • Error 1327.invalid drive:F\
  • Error 1327.invalid drive:G\
  • Error 1327.invalid drive:H\


Easy Method:

Since this is caused by moving your User Folders simply attempt to move them back. If this doesn’t work you will have to do it the manual method.

Manual Method:

  1. Hit Win+R and type regedit and hit [ OK ]
  2. If windows user account control shows up hit Yes
  3. Backup your registry
    1. Click File->Export
    2. Change Export Range at the bottom to  (x) All
    3. Enter a filename and hit [ Save ]
  4. Expand the follow folders shown below
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
  5. Once in this directory look at the values of the keys you will see that they are pointing to the place you moved your user folders.
    In my case they were on a drive F:\Backup\Documents, F:\Backup\Music
  6. You will need to either delete these values or a better solution recreate the folders or move the folders back and then change the values
  7. Create the missing folders under your user
  8. Click on each value pointing to the wrong folder and correct the value to c:\Users\[user]\…
    i.e. if you username is Admin change F:\Backup\Documents to c:\Users\Admin\Documents