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Manually Install Windows 7 and Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Problem:   You policy currently restricts unsigned gadget installation with the following message:

Desktop Gadget Policy Block Message

Desktop Gadget Policy Block Message


There are two folders where they can be located.

  • C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
  • C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

In this folder you should be able to see several Gadget Folders.

Picture of Windows 7 Gadets Folder

Picture of Windows 7 Gadets Folder

 Notice how they are simple a folder with .Gadget on the end.

Now simply rename you .gadget file to .zip,  in our example mytodolist.gadget  will be renamed to

Rename Todo Windows Gadget

Rename Todo Windows Gadget

 Extract it:

Extract Windows Gadget

Extract Windows Gadget

Add .Gadget to the end of your new folder

Add .Gadget to New Extracted Windows Gadget Folder
Finally simply drop it in one of the folders above and right click on the desktop and click Gadgets and choose your new gadget!

** SharePoint users be aware! The command “stsadm -o uninstall” works, and it doesn’t warn you, it simply uninstalls SharePoint!

I thought this was a commical status of a user on  the microsoft foumns, still a very good piece of information.   No warning!!! Oversight?

Problem Description

Error messages include:

  • Message Box: Could not perform this operation because the default
    mail client is not properly installed ( This happens at 76 recipients
  • Javascript Error: The data area passed to a system call is too
    small ( This happens at 77 recipients and above )


The max Outlook can take is 75 recipients, at 76 it tells you have a
problem and at 77 and above your browser will simply convert the
mailto: href result to simply “” an empty string.

Additionally there is a simple 2048 character limit. So if
either of these limits are reached you have two many recipients.

Possible Fixes:

The most simple fix would be to have two mailto strings in javascript.

i.e. location.href = ";..."; location.href =
- or -
Build a server function to send a mail form.